Do Not Judge Others By Your Personal Formula

McKinsey is a well-known figure in United States. He normally buys the first-class tickets while his traveling. He said: “Although airfare for the first class is expensive, but it is worth as long as I can capture one big fish there.”

Bill Gates is far more famous and richer than McKinsey, but he usually fly with the economic class, some curiously guy asked Bill why he didn’t choose the first-class service, Bill responded him by asking: “Does first-class cabin fly faster than economic class?” We are not only admired Bill’s frugality but also appreciate McKinsey’s strategies to seize the opportunities.

Everyone has his/her own desires and ambitions, their paths which can lead to the destinations are not the same. It’s hard for us to make any conclusion for which path is proper or improperly, the most reasonable one is the path which can fulfill your wishes. For common sense, we prefer to use a unified standard to judge others’ behaviors regardless of their specific circumstances. As a matter of fact, your formula is representing your point of views, neither related to the truth nor a guideline to criticize.

McKinsey tends to enjoy the first-class services to fulfill his psychological needs as well as expands his Social networks. The above factors are not attracted to Bill Gates, Bill would rather keep low profile than highlight his wealthy in public. The way of methods differs one’s determination. It is natural if we would be frustrated when we observing someone else failed to making progress day after day. You should know that different people has different dreams. Someone just pursuing an easy and comfortable life, they feel contended if only have food to eat and water to drink.

Overall, there is no necessary to detest others, do not judge others by your own formula. You have a scale in your mind, either do others. You may totally a loser in others’ perspective. So, just remember, the paths differ to the demands. The key point is to sustain your present choices for a long period.

This statement also works to a marital relationship. When the day you take off your wedding dress and get back to a normal life, your bridal is not a princess but an ordinary woman to you, your groom is not a prince but a common man to you either. Don’t demand others to be a perfect figure as you are not that perfect yourself as well. Seek common ground while reserving difference is the right path lead to a successful marital relationship.

Well, I do have my own set of standards, but what I have found is that there are times when my standards are incorrect. It is important to have a set of values, but my own standards are not always the standards that others should be judged by. My standards are fallible and can be biased, which means I should not judge others by my standards. However, I like others end up judging based on the set of standards personally held.